About Fontstruct

I've created over 30 fonts since 2009 with Fontstruct, an online type design app. I'm a big fan of the application, but I get a lot of questions about it. So I created this page to address most of the issues I get.

How does Fontstruct work?

It's a web app that you use to build modular fonts. Basically like filling in grid paper to make letters. It uses Flash, so don't be shocked when you head over there. It's basically the only thing I still use Flash for. (They are supposedly working on a Flash-free option.)

Modular type? That sounds odd?

It's a little obscure, but completely cool. Check out the work of Wim Crouwel. And look at some of the crazy things that people have made with Fontstruct. 

How much does it cost?

Fontstruct is completely free. And most of the fonts created there are free to download.

Most! So it's not free...

Every creator can decide how they want to license their design. Some people charge and some people don't allow for downloads. But most are free.

Are Sketchbook B fonts free on Fontstruct?

They are for non-commercial use. To download them, you need to register for a free account. And then you are good to go.

You can see all of my public creations at my profile on Fontstruct. 

Can I use them on [Mac, PC, Office, InDesign, Powerpoint, etc.]?

You download TrueType fonts that can be installed on pretty much any modern computer. Just install the font the same way that you would normally install a font.

Why don't you offer them as direct downloads from Sketchbook B? It would be so much easier...

I like Fontstruct a lot. And one of the ways that they support the free service is through ads. If I offer direct downloads, I'm taking away ad revenue.

Also, there are thousands of typefaces available at Fontstruct. It's a great community. You should totally check it out.

Sometimes, I take a prototype from Fontstruct and upgrade it in Glyphs. There is only so far you can take a design in Fontstruct. If I change a design significantly, I'll offer it as a download through Sketchbook B.

Ad supported, huh? What if they go under?

I've got a copy of everything and will offer it directly. But they've been around for over seven years. I'm not worried.

Some of your designs are listed as top picks. What does that mean?

The moderators on the site select some typefaces as "Top Picks." That just means that the community has recognized that the design is of a high quality. It also helps when you are searching for fonts to use because it helps weed out much of the junk.

What if I have a request for some additional characters?

I'll consider it, although I usually offer pretty complete character sets. Drop me a line at bob {at} sketchbookb.com and I'll take a look.

Can I create my own typeface at Fontstruct?

Absolutely. It's easy to play with, although it probably helps to have some basic knowledge of typeface structures and terminolgy.