iPhone App Proposal: Mobile Proofing

I don’t use remote proofing much. As a print designer, checking a proof online really is a poor substitute for having the hard copy in your hands. But when there is a time crunch, or you are on the road, there really is no other option.

Remote proofing is usually offered by a printer. The designer downloads a client application, like Rampage Remote, that interfaces with the printer’s proofing system. PDF’s are then posted for review and approval.

I’ve actually approved a proof on my iPhone before. A printer emailed me a PDF and I was able to review it on the phone. The zooming and scrolling functions on the iPhone actually made it relatively easy to review the file.

And while the “email a PDF” works in a pinch, I think it would be reasonably easy to add some functionality to make the process easier. The app could either work with PDF files. Or it could we integrated with a system like Rampage.

The Mobile Proofing app could essentially function like the PDF reading function already on the phone. Scroll around. Zoom in. But it would need to add three additional functions.

Separations. The app would need to let you see the separations. For four color work, I’d want to see the cyan, magenta, yellow and black plates that make up the image. 

Notes. A way to add notes and comments and send them back to the printer.

Approval/Rejection. A way to provide a simple approve/reject notification to the printer.