Apple Laptop Box Comparison

I’ve owned three Apple laptops… a Powerbook G3, a G4 iBook and now a new MacBook. Digging through my attic looking for Christmas wrapping paper, I came across the old laptop boxes. The comparison to the new packaging was pretty amazing and the size difference was especially dramatic.

Apple touts the new, smaller box size as an environmentally-friendly feature. Smaller boxes and packaging use less resources to create and transport. But when comparing the box to the packaging from the last few generations, it really is impressive to see the change.

From left to right: MacBook (2008), iBook (2004) and Powerbook G3 (2000)

From the side, you can really see the size difference between the boxes.

I also pulled out my old Powerbook G3… honestly, it’s still a pretty impressive design, but compared to the new MacBook, the thing is massive. I may post a few more detailed comparison shots later. I think it’s interesting from a design standpoint to look at the progression of elements like latches, ports and trackpads. Here’s a shot with all three laptops stacked…

That Powerbook G3 on the bottom looks massive compared to the newer models.