New Fontstructions: Woodrow and Foxtrot Sierra

I’ve got two new releases over at Fontstruct, Woodrow and Foxtrot Sierra. You can download both of them for free from Fontstruct.


Woodrow is a very narrow and bold design. I started off planning to design something along the lines of my recent sci-fi creations. But once I started working with it, Woodrow developed some art deco characteristics. Woodrow has both upper and lower case and a range of special characters. Woodrow has already been selected as a top pick.

Foxtrot Sierra

Foxtrot Sierra is a stylized adaptation of the International Maritime Signal Flags system. I took some creative liberties with some of the flag designs to make it work within Fonstruct. For the system to really work, you need to colorize the flags. A guide can be found at Wikipedia.