TextWrangler for print designers

A freeware tool that I’ve had in my application folder for years is TextWrangler from BareBones Software. It’s a free text editor for the Mac. I can’t tell you how many hours this little piece of software has saved me.

TextWrangler’s main function is as a simple text editor. But it has a few features that can save a print designer a chunk of time.

Remove line breaks. Ever get a block of text emailed to you with line breaks riddled throughout? TextWrangler allows you to strip out all of those excessive breaks with one click. (Text > Remove Line Breaks)

Struggles with tabs and formatting. TextWrangler can remove or convert tabs. Remove quotes and indentation. Add or remove line numbers. I often use TextWrangler to rip out Microsoft Word formatting before heading into InDesign.

Clutter free writing environment. Sometimes, it’s nice to be able to knock out a simple note or post without having to deal with auto correct and auto formatting.

And more. TextWrangler has a ton of other features you might find handy as a print designer. Document comparison. Bookmarks. Scripting support. Multi-document find and replace.

BareBones also makes other great apps like BBEdit and Yojimbo.