New emphasis for 2011

I started Sketchbook B as a reason to explore creative projects that fell outside of my normal, everyday job. My original emphasis was projects that I didn’t get to work on often… but over time my interests have shifted. So starting in 2011, my goals at Sketchbook B have changed as well.

iPhone and iPad apps

I’m intrigued by the possibilities that iPhones and iPads offer designers. I’ve already started working to learn Objective C - the programming language for iOS and OS X. So hopefully in 2011, Sketchbook B will release it’s first iOS app. And I’ll be posting about the process of learning to program and resources that I find helpful. 


Another area that I find interesting is eBooks. Right now, eBook design is in it’s infancy. As Kindles and iPads evolve, the potential for electronic publishing will continue to increase. I really believe that it will become a major distribution channel for information and I look forward to experiencing with design and distribution of eBooks.

Some old standbys

I still plan on working on type design projects, although my main focus for 2011 is releasing at least one commercial typeface. That doesn’t mean I won’t play around with Fontstruct… just not as often.

And I will continue to post tips and techniques for Adobe Creative Suite, especially InDesign and Illustrator.

Of course, I also would like to post more frequently here on Sketchbook B. That’s a New Year’s Resolution that I make every year, but for 2011, we’ll see…