New Fontstruction: Infield

Okay, so here is my entry for Fontstruct’s Sports Challenge. The challenge is to create a new sports-themed typeface. I wanted to create a baseball-inspired design and started to work with a diamond shape.

The result is Infield, a display typeface contained within the shape of a baseball diamond. The diamonds overlap and interlock to create a unique pattern.

The working title of Infield was “Baseball Diamond.” As I was working on it, the “Fabulous Baseball Diamond” popped in my head. If you aren’t familiar with the Fabulous Baseball Diamond, you need to watch the Great Muppet Caper which features Kermit and his friends from the Happiness Hotel trying to stop thieves from stealing the Fabulous Baseball Diamond from the Mallory Gallery. That finale served as the inspiration for the second sample, a poster for the fictional gallery exhibit.

You can download Infield at Fontstruct for free. And of course you can download any of my other Fontstruct creations from the Sketchbook B page.