Pixel First?

I’m a big fan of pixel-based modular typography and had to reference Gustavo Ferreira’s interesting post about using pixel designs as the foundation of type design. In a lot of ways, “The Primacy of the Pixel” reminds me of the “Mobile First” movement among web designers – to start with the most constrained design challenge and move out from there.

With the bitmap approach, type-designers work directly on the pixel grid, painting the exact pixels that readers will see on their screens. Nothing gets lost in translation, and nobody is left out.

Great post. It’s a new site and I hope he will continue to post more. Gustavo is the designer of Elementar, an fascinating pixel font with a variety of weights and widths.

As an aside, I wonder though how long before the pixel is so small, that it’s irrelevant as a unit of measure. High density displays are becoming more common and as display quality increases, the need for dedicated “Pixel First” typefaces decreases.