Taking AirPlay one step further.

We have an iPad and an Apple TV. I love the ability to send video or audio to the Apple TV via AirPlay and have it show up on TV. But I would love to see Apple (or someone else) take it one step further. I want an AirPlay projector.

Imagine a small, simple projector that AirPlay capable. Walk up with your Mac or iOS device and send your presentation or video to the projector. No cables. No configuration. By default, the projector would simply mirror the display, but developers could build additional capabilities into their apps.

Is your projector on the other side of the room (or on the ceiling)? Stream your presentation without long and unwieldy cabling. Need to have multiple presenters? Disconnect one and connect the new machine without having to plug or unplug and cables. Need to sync multiple projectors? Wireless.

I don't see any reason why this wouldn't be feasible from a technical standpoint. I'm not sure how expensive such a projector would be, but considering that the Apple TV seeks for $99, I can't imagine it would be cost prohibitive for someone like Epson to add to one of their existing projectors.

Anyway, I can wish...