Dradis Alpha and Beta

I’m releasing an OpenType version of Dradis, an experimental typeface family based on one of my FontStruct creations.

Dradis is built from a series of simple shapes to create letters. The original concept was to have a display typeface which could be read without any spaces between the letters. SbB Dradis Alpha and SbB Dradis Alpha Oblique have no spaces between the letters and yet, is surprisingly readable.

But as I played with the design, I discovered that adding a little extra space maintained the distinctive character of the design, but made it more readable at smaller display sizes. So I created a second set - SbB Dradis Beta and SbB Dradis Beta Oblique - that keep the same character design, but adds spacing between the letters.

As an experimental typeface that is based on a strict grid, it doesn’t include every single special or foreign language character, but it includes enough for most English language display usage. If it’s missing a character that you need, let me know and I’ll see if I can add it.

You can download the SbB Dradis family over in the Download Fonts section.

(As an aside… The name Dradis is from the Ron Moore version of Battlestar Galactica. Dradis is the Colonial version of radar. On the show, all of the paper, pictures and other printed materials had the corners cut at 45 degree angles. When I was designing this, most of the corners of the letters had 45 degree angles. So I figured a Galactica related name was appropriate.)