Introducing two new Sketchbook B blogs

I’ve started two Tumblr blogs over the last few weeks and wanted to post a couple of quick comments about them.

Wanted in Columbia

I love Columbia, South Carolina. But you’ll hear more than a few grumbles from Columbia residents about the stores and restaurants that we still don’t have — especially compared to other cities in the state.

So I’ve started Wanted in Columbia as a sort of grassroots effort to recruit retail stores, restaurants and other businesses to Columbia. The hope is that we’ll be able to leverage this city’s rather extensive social media community to let these companies know we’d love to have them be part of our community.

The plan is to post about once a week and maintain a “Most Wanted” list. (Hint: Apple Store is number one.)

Follow @wantedcolumbia on Twitter and like Wanted in Columbia on Facebook.

Music Recycled

I had the idea for Music Recycled several years ago. Got the domain name and promptly did nothing with it.

I love cover songs. I’ve always found it fascinating how artists can take someone else’s creation and make it their own.

My original plan was to link to songs in the iTunes Store. But I was never happy with how the posts were structured. When I was starting up Music Recycled, I discovered Tumblr’s new Spotify integration. It’s really slick and makes the process of posting these links really easy. The only downside is you must have the free app on your computer (or phone) to listen to the song.

Visit Music Recycled and follow @music_recycled on Twitter.

Sketchbook B

Sketchbook B has morphed from just being a blog and now includes fonts, Flare presets, two additional blogs and other projects.

I’m rebuilding the site in Squarespace 6. It’s taking a little longer to get it up and running than I had originally hoped. It’s basically like starting over. But it will be completely worth it. Once I get the new site up, I’ll start posting more frequently.