Design and Code: My Next Steps

I haven’t posted in a while – mainly because of a newborn baby and the corresponding lack of time and energy. But I’ve also taken a break because I’ve been thinking about what I want to do with Sketchbook B.

Sketchbook B is my outlet for side projects. Those fun or challenging projects that end up in my sketchbook that I want to build for myself. What I’ve noticed recently is that most of the side projects that I’m really interested in will require me to learn to program to some degree.

I’ve worked with web design before, but I never really truly embraced writing HTML/CSS/Javascript by hand. I’ve played around with Objective C, but I’m ready to get serious about iOS development. I’ve designed type, but I never tapped into the added power of using Python.

If I really want to design in these spaces – and have the control I want – I need to get comfortable with code.

I’m started the process of learning. My real focus is on Objective C, Xcode and iOS development. I’ve already been working off and on since last year on learning Objective C. I’m going to try and move forward with developing some apps. I’ve got a bunch of resources that I will be trying out and hopefully posting about.

I’m working a little bit with HTML/CSS/Javascript with CodeAcademy. I do know HTML/CSS reasonably well, but I figured a refresher wouldn’t hurt. And I’ve never really done much more than tinker with Javascript.

I’m leaving Python for last. The typeface development tools are pretty sophisticated as they are. I’m happy with Glyphs and I look forward to working with RoboFont in the future. Python adds power to the development process, but I can develop type without learning Python. So I’ll hold off on that until I have Objective C under my belt.

The result of all this learning is that I will likely be doing fewer typefaces and one-off projects over the next year. Instead, I’m going to be posting about the learning process and other topics that interest me.

But my real focus for the foreseeable future is learning a ton. And hopefully – eventually – that will mean lots of new projects in new areas.