New Fonts: Power Grid 2.0 and Saluda

I'm introducing two new commercial typeface families today: Power Grid 2.0 and Saluda. Both are available now through Creative Market. 

Power Grid 2.0

Power Grid was one of my favorite Fontstruct creations, inspired by lettering I found on some 1920s Russian constructivist posters. A few years ago, I released a free, Opentype version.

My first commercial font, Powerlane, was a heavily reworked version of Power Grid. Completely redrawn from scratch, Powerlane gained new weights, an expanded character set, Opentype small caps and a handful of alternate characters. 

When I released Powerlane over two years ago, I took Power Grid out of my free fonts and disabled download from Fonstruct. But over time, I've decided that Power Grid and Powerlane – while definitely related – are different. Different enough that I've decided to bring Power Grid back. 

Power Grid 2.0 retains the basic look of the original. It's still uppercase only and tightly spaced, but I've reworked some letterforms. The alternate forms that used to live in the lower case have been moved to their proper place in the stylistic sets. The ampersand is much improved and inherited from Powerlane.


The big change is that the regular version of Power Grid also picks up some new siblings: Inline, Stencil and Rounded. Each of them adds a little different character to the Power Grid family. And each has a a regular and oblique version. 

For a limited time, I'm offering the entire Power Grid Family – 8 fonts – for $29 at The Creative Market. If you are looking for a tough, industrial typeface, the Power Grid family is a great option. 


Saluda is a simple, sans serif design in a single weight. I started work on Saluda after I finished Powerlane. And after building a typeface with 20 fonts and thousands of glyphs, I really wanted to tackle something simple. Saluda has modular underpinnings that are rooted in some of my Fontstruct work, but there's nothing modular about the final design.

I'm especially fond of the italic version that adds some simple terminal serifs throughout. Saluda's inspired by the trails and river at a park near my home and is intended for display and identity work. Saluda and Saluda Italic are available as a package at the Creative Market for $10.

Creative Market

Power Grid and Saluda join Valdes Clarendon in the Sketchbook B store on the Creative Market. I've also added Powerlane to the store as well. You can buy Powerlane Complete (20 fonts) for $99 and subset of the family –  Powerlane Select (10 fonts) – for $49. Look for more products from Sketchbook B on the Creative Market coming soon.

Bob Wertz

Husband, Dad (x3), Creative Director at @UofSC, Type Designer, Teacher and Volunteer. Blogs at Sketchbook B and Wanted in Columbia.