My favorite podcasts

I started walking at lunch most days last January. And while I walk through downtown Columbia, I listen to podcasts. Now I listen to podcasts in the car, too. I have a few favorites and figured I’d share the podcasts that I love.

Before I start working my way though my list, I highly recommend Overcast on iOS. It’s a great way to listen to podcasts on your iPhone and it’s free. Much more capable than the stock Apple Podcast app.

So most weeks, I listen to:

Incomparable (Incomparable Network). The Incomparable was the first podcast I ever listened to, back when I actually had an iPod and the term podcast made sense. Jason Snell and friends cover virtually every sci-fi and pop culture topic imaginable — movies, books, comics, television. Always entertaining. The Incomparable is a gateway for me to lots of other podcasts.

Upgrade (Relay FM). I started to listen to Upgrade near the beginning of its run. It’s mostly Apple tech talk, but the real reason to listen is the great rapport between Jason Snell and Myke Hurley. A great podcast.

Clockwise (Relay FM). Love the format. Jason Snell, Dan Moren and two guests discuss four tech topics in only 30 minutes. With so many podcasts are getting longer and longer, the 30 minute format is refreshing. The format and great guests make this one of my favorites. 

Pen Addict (Relay FM). I was intrigued by the concept of a podcast about pens. But I really liked Myke Hurley on Upgrade and tuned in to see what it was all about. A few months later I had my first fountain pen. And I’m hooked… on pens and the Pen Addict. 

Random Trek (Incomparable Network). A not-so-random guest watches a random episode of Star Trek with Scott McNulty. It’s always random, and always a delight. The show is almost better when the episode is a bad one. I’d love to someday be a guest on Random Trek, but would be terrified that I would draw an episode of first season Voyager. 

Analog(ue) (Relay FM). Another Myke Hurley show, this one with Casey Liss. The whole point of the show is talking about feelings. The topics bounce around from personal goals to technology to relationships. This show feels like Upgrade, only less tech centric.

Flash Flashcast and Speedy Arrowcast (Incomparable Network). Remember the days of watching shows in the evening and then discussing them at work the next day? I watch Flash and Arrow, but I don’t have many people to discuss it with at my office. So I can listen to these podcasts and I feel much more connected to the show. 

St. Michael’s Lutheran Church (Blacksburg, Virginia) Sermon. My brother is a pastor in Virginia and his sermon is posted each week. It’s an awesome opportunity to get to hear him even though I can’t be there in person. (And particularly awesome when he references events from our childhood…)

I have a bunch of other shows that I listen to if I have time. Liftoff airs every other week and covers space related topics. ATP and the Talk Show are great, but really long. It typically takes me a couple of days to get through them, so while I like them, I rarely complete an episode. During the baseball season, I was listening to Ivy Envy, a Cubs podcast. And Unjustly Maligned is great if I’m familiar with the topic of pop culture scorn. (The episode on Monopoly is awesome.)

What I find interesting is that I haven’t found a design podcast that I love. Or one on creative process. They just haven’t clicked as quickly with me as the pop culture and technology podcast have. I also would love an Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. podcast, but I haven't found one I like as much as the Flash and Arrow podcasts.

Got any recommendations for a podcast I should be listening to? Let me know on Twitter at @sketchbookb.