My favorite posts from 2015

As 2015 come to a close, I figured I’d highlight a few of my favorite posts from the last year. Not surprisingly, many of them came from the last few months when I was writing almost daily. But a few older posts, I had forgotten about.

My favorite posts from the last year:

B.A.R.E: Bad Acronyms aRe Everywhere. Why is everyone obsessed with acronyms?

A designers guide to fountain pens. This year, I fell in love with fountain pens (and writing utensils in general). I think more designers should get into fountain pens.

You get what you test for… We are obsessed with testing, but what are we testing for?

The billboard of the internet. What are web ads good for?

Inbox Zero-ish. My philosophy for handling email. (Somedays are better than others.)

Why do we do what we do. A reflection on side projects and why we put time and energy into them. This piece was a turning point of sorts for me.

What it’s like to have three kids… Everyone wants to know what its like to have three kids. Now I have an answer for them.

Advent Resolution. I’ve spent this Advent preparing for 2016. This is the post that kicked it off...

Stars on the Beach. One of my Advent Resolution posts during my preparation for 2016. How do you balance focus and living a normal life?