Fast wi-fi fix!

A few months ago, we changed our internet service from Time Warner Cable to AT&T Uverse. The service is great, but we've had an issue with the wireless signal cutting out randomly. My assumption was that there was some interference since the Uverse runs over wi-fi.

We've got an Apple Time Capsule. And when they installed the new service, we connected the Time Capsule to the new router with an ethernet cable and everything worked, until it didn't. I assumed I was going to reconfigure everything. And while I was fine with that, I just didn't have the time to mess with it. So we just tolerated the occasional frustration.

Today, I saw an article on Six Colors by Dan Moran about changing the channel on your wi-fi base station. So after following that guidance and setting my channel to 48, the internet was instantly more responsive on all my devices. Awesome.

Not quite, though. For some reason, while my Macs and iOS devices worked better, my Apple TV freaked out. So I started looking for more details and Six Colors had already posted a second story with more details on how to pick the best channel for your network. I followed their instructions and now everything is working perfectly.

I have no idea why the automatic channel selection wasn't working on the Time Capsule, but manually selecting the appropriate channel seems to work like a charm. Thanks to Dan Moran and Six Colors to solving my wi-fi issue.

(As an aside, if you are a Mac user and aren't regularly reading Six Colors, you are missing out. One of my favorite new sites. Jason Snell is building something awesome.)