After hours

John Gruber writes mostly about Apple, James Bond and Stanley Kubrick*, but he also has a side project with a couple of partners called Q Branch that makes an iOS notes app, Vesper. Brent Simmons, one of the partners has decided to leave the group to work on other projects. Gruber wrote a short snippet supporting Brent's decision and dropped this great line at the end of the post.

He’s still full-time at The Omni Group, which means Q Branch work had been relegated to nights-and-weekends time. Nights-and-weekends time is for your passions, not for obligations.

I work on lots of projects in my spare time. From typeface designs to AIGA South Carolina, I do these things because I love them. When people ask me where I find the time and the energy to tackle these projects, my normal answer is that I don't sleep a lot. While that is somewhat true, it's only part of the story. I'm passionate about the projects I work on and I'm really lucky to have time to do the things I love.

* Sometimes, he writes about the NY Yankees, too. But only when they are winning.