New Sketchbook B Schedule

I've tried a couple times to have a publishing schedule and I've failed to be consistent. I enjoy writing and I want to get back in a rhythm of writing regularly. It's too easy to miss a week, and then a month, and then... So I'm trying again. Here's the schedule.

  • Monday: A Wanted in Columbia update on the Off Topic blog
  • Tuesday: A post on the main blog
  • Wednesday: Return of the weekly Creative Cloud quick tip
  • Thursday: A second major post on the main blog
  • Friday: Something completely random on the Off Topic blog

I'll supplement throughout the week with links and comments, but I'll plan on getting these five posts out every week.

I'm committing to this through the end of 2015 and will reevaluate then. Posting daily is pretty ambitious, especially since I intend to illustrate my Tuesday and Thursday posts. (And, oh yeah, I'm teaching this semester.) But I will make time for what I want to do and right now, I really want to write.