Hidden alignment

When you open the Align palette in InDesign, you have two groupings: Align Objects and Distribute Objects. But a third option is hidden in the flyout palette: Distribute Spacing. And I find it far more useful than Distribute Objects.

To find the hidden option, go to the flyout menu on the Align palette and select Show Options. Now, you'll have a palette with another row of options for Distribute Spacing.

Let’s say you have five rectangles of different widths. Something like this:

You want to change the spacing between them. If you select them all and click the “Distribute horizontal centers” button in the Distribute Objects section. The result would look like this: 

If you select the same rectangles and select the now uncovered “Distribute horizontal spacing” button in the Distribute Spacing section, you get this:

I find that most of the time, I’m looking for the hidden Distribute Spacing option. I have no idea why Adobe would hide that function and I’m always surprised how many InDesign users – some of them very experienced users – have no idea that function is there. It’s a big time saver.

Bonus tip: If you need a specific distance between a group of items, check the “Use spacing” option, set your distance, click the horizontal or vertical Distribute Spacing button and it’s done.

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