Rethinking my publishing schedule

I’ve been rethinking my publishing schedule for the past couple weeks.

Here on Sketchbook B, my plan is to publish a longer piece once a week on Tuesdays and then supplement with shorter links and thoughts throughout the week. I’m also going to continue to post my Creative Cloud quick tips on Wednesdays.

I’m going to relaunch Wanted in Columbia as something else entirely. I’ve got a concept and a new name and I’m looking forward to rolling it out. I’ll continue to post on Mondays. The new site will go live in February.

With Wanted in Columbia finding a new home, and based on some of my previous observations, I’m phasing out the “off-topic” section. Everything is going to roll into the “thoughts” section.

On weekends, I’ll post a recap of everything I’ve written over the previous week. I started this at the end of last year and I’m going to play with a slightly different format going into 2016.

Beyond the publishing schedule, I’ve got a bunch of projects for 2016 that I’m working on. I spent the end of last year developing a plan for Sketchbook B and I’m excited about how some of the new projects are starting to come together.

I'm going to be smarter about how I use social media to promote the site(s). Probably expanding my use of Buffer and reconfiguring some of my workflows. For me, this is one of the hardest things to figure out: the balance between promoting and annoying. But if I'm going to put the time into producing a bunch of content, I need to put as much time into figuring out how to promote it.

Bob Wertz

Husband, Dad (x3), Creative Director at @UofSC, Type Designer, Teacher and Volunteer. Blogs at Sketchbook B and Wanted in Columbia.