Moving Furniture

My wife loves moving furniture. At home and in her classroom, she's not afraid to rearrange everything to solve a problem. I give her a hard time about it, especially when I'm reassembling bunk beds... again. The thing about moving furniture is that everything stops until the moving is done. Once everything is back in place, she's usually right that the rearranged room was worth the time and energy spent moving it around.

I've been rearranging "furniture" lately. I've reorganized things on Sketchbook B and started a new retail blog, In Store Columbia, that replaces the Wanted in Columbia updates on the now hidden Off Topic blog. I've been looking at options for how to better automate social media channels. And I've been working on a new iPad based workflow for updating Sketchbook B.

I made the decision to rearrange my online presence at the beginning of the year to better reflect my goals and objectives. But as I tried to get everything set up just the way I wanted it, normal site operations came to a screeching halt. I even completely stopped posting on Instagram for some strange reason.

Today, everything is finally together again and it's time to get writing. I've got to make some hard decisions about writing frequency. I want to return to daily posting, but that might be a little challenging. I'm not designing much right now so coming up with a weekly Adobe tip on Wednesdays will probably go away for a while. I'll absolutely be posting more frequently and we'll see if I can get back to 5-7 posts per week.

Bob Wertz

Husband, Dad (x3), Creative Director at @UofSC, Type Designer, Teacher and Volunteer. Blogs at Sketchbook B and Wanted in Columbia.