Published: April 2016

I tried for a while to write a weekly update with links to everything I had written in the previous week. I wanted a summary that I could post to Facebook and other social media channels. Some weeks, I had a bunch of links. Others, not so much. When I had a slow week, I'd feel guilty. So I've decided to start writing monthly updates instead... And this is the first.

It was a busy month. I went to Atlanta for the Atlanta Pen Show and a live recording of the Pen Addict podcast. Released a prototype typeface. I finished my first graduate class. I managed to write quite a bit this month, despite the craziness. 

And I'm still posting a weekly update over at In Store Columbia.

I've got a bunch of articles started for May and I'm hoping that I'll be able to write a little bit more this month. But as always, we'll see.


8th inning

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