SbB Codebreaker

My odd entry for the Fontstruct Reverse Competition

I don’t have time to play around on Fontstruct much these days, but I noticed that they were having a competition centered around the theme, “Reverse.” I sketched out a couple of ideas and was able to pull together SbB Codebreaker before the deadline tonight.

So Codebreaker has four tiers: symbols, letters, reversed letters and alphanumeric. The idea is that you can use Codebreaker to translate to other letters, numbers or symbols, kind of like the Rosetta Stone. It’s completely impractical, but really distinctive looking. 

Because I’m a bit of a Fontstruct purist, I usually try to execute my ideas with the fewest number of bricks. And this one is no exception. I used only one brick to build Codebreaker.

I miss playing around on Fontstruct and need to remember to get back there more frequently.

Check out SbB Codebreaker on Fontstruct. And remember that you can download my free fonts and Fontstruct fonts from my Fonts page. (And learn about my pro fonts that are available on My Fonts and Creative Market.)

Bob Wertz writes about design, technology and pop culture at Sketchbook B. Bob is a Columbia, South Carolina-based designer, creative director, college instructor, husband and dad. He’s particularly obsessed with typography, the creative process and the tools we use to create. He's currently in the middle of a project to design a new shirt a week for an entire year. Follow Bob on TwitterInstagram and Micro.Blog.