Atomic Habits + 10% Happier

Two of my favorites on one podcast


Earlier this year, I read James Clear’s Atomic Habits, which takes an insightful look at how we form good and bad habits. About a month ago, I discovered Dan Harris’s 10% Happier podcast (and then read the book that preceded the podcast). 10% Happier examines mindfulness and meditation and the benefits of incorporating it into your daily life. These books resonated with me and I’m still in the process of implementing some lifestyle changes and revaluate the way think about things, but interestingly, I’ve thought the two approaches were exceptionally compatible.

I was excited last week when I noticed the 10% Happier podcast — episode #194 — featured an interview with James Clear about Atomic Habits. If you are interested in either of these philosophies, check out the episode. It’s mostly focused on the Atomic Habits side of things, but they also discuss meditation as well.

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