I love my Timbuk2 custom messenger bag

I pretty much always have it with me.

Week two of writing about things I love.

A little more than six years ago, I changed jobs — moving from a corporate office job to working on a sprawling university campus. I decided I’d need a way to haul my stuff between my parking garage, my office and meetings across campus. I’d had my eyes on a custom Tikbuk2 bag for years, and this was the perfect excuse to finally make the purchase.

My Custom Timbuk2 Custom Classic Messenger

My Custom Timbuk2 Custom Classic Messenger

I’ve never been a huge fan of backpacks so I opted for a messenger bag. I’ve pretty much taken the bag with me everywhere for the last six years. When I started graduate school, I contemplated getting something different. Maybe I needed a bigger backpack? I looked at other options, but realized that my bag is still perfect for what I need.

  • Built to last. Timbuk2 bags have a lifetime warranty, but I’m reasonably convinced I won’t need it. This bag is ridiculously durable. Six years of daily use and it still looks reasonably new. The shoulder strap is a little dirty, and that’s about it.*

  • One of a kind. I was able to customize my bag and make it exactly what I wanted. I probably built several dozen options before I settled on my final choice. The outside combines two different black fabrics with a bright green panel. The inside has a red weatherproof lining.** I opted to include the padded laptop sleeve and the handle on the top. I love how it turned out and I’m pretty sure it’s one of a kind…

  • Space for everything. Every day, I haul around sketchbooks, a laptop, chargers, pen cases, books and more. I’ve got plenty of room to add even more if needed. I don’t use the pocket organizers to their fullest potential, but there are a range of zipper pockets for things I like to keep with me like USB flash drives, dongles, business cards and other random stuff. It’s as big as a messenger bag can be without looking cartoonishly oversized.

I’ve been really happy with my Timbuk2 bag. They aren’t inexpensive, but if you need a daily bag, they are worth every penny. But even if you aren’t in the market, the online configurator is fun to play around with.

* The shoulder strap pad is replaceable, so I may order a new, custom one.

** They don’t do custom linings any more, which is a shame because I love the pop of color when I open the bag.

Bob Wertz writes about design, technology and pop culture at Sketchbook B. Bob is a Columbia, South Carolina-based designer, researcher, college instructor, husband and dad. He’s particularly obsessed with typography, the creative process and the tools we use to create. Follow Bob on Instagram.