SbB Timepiece

Sharp-edged, modular unicase typeface


I love working in Fontstruct, even though I don’t have time to build new typefaces over there very often. (If you’ve never played around with Fonstruct, it’s a free tool for designing modular type.)

But this week, I decided to knock out an idea that’s been floating around my sketchbook. I wanted to build something modular that had a little more character than my typical Fontstruct build. SbB Timepiece is similar structurally to one of my earlier designs, Runabout. It’s a unicase design, based primarily on the lowercase. I’m happy with how it turned out and may end up using this as a prototype for future experimentation.

I’ll likely refine it further, but it’s far enough along to share my current progress. You can download it over at Fontstruct for free… you just need to sign up for an account.


Bob Wertz writes about design, technology and pop culture at Sketchbook B. Bob is a Columbia, South Carolina-based designer, researcher, college instructor, husband and dad. He’s particularly obsessed with typography, the creative process and the tools we use to create. Follow Bob on Instagram.