Sketchbook B now on Creative Market

So far, I've only offered my fonts for sale at MyFonts. Today, I've added another distribution channel. You can now buy Valdes Clarendon at my shop on Creative Market.

Creative Market is a new marketplace that sells fonts, images, templates, themes and more. I'm excited to be a part of it. I also like the idea that I can sell more than just type. (As for what those products will be... well... I've got some ideas...)

For now, Powerlane will remain a MyFonts exclusive. I'm not sure it's right for Creative Market. But my plan going forward is to offer all my fonts through Creative Market and MyFonts.

Repricing Powerlane


Over at MyFonts, I've permanently lowered the price on Powerlane. Each individual typeface is now $10. And you can purchase the entire family - with 20 total fonts - for $99.

Here on Sketchbook B, I've rearranged the site's menu a bit. I now have a menus for "Pro Fonts" and "Free Fonts" in the main navigation. I plan to add a few new pro fonts over the next month, joining Powerlane for sale at MyFonts. A sneak preview of Valdes Clarendon is already posted.