Kickstarter: Get your Secret Species children's book!

in honor of Black Friday! My friend Marius Valdes has a Kickstarter for his new Secret Species children's book. It's already funded, but if you want to get an awesome book, you have until Wednesday, December 2 to back the project and get a copy. 

Marius and I have collaborated in the past on many projects including Valdes Clarendon and Valdes Poster Sans. If you love his artwork as much as I do, back the Kickstarter today!

Congrats to the InShow 16 winners

InShow is AIGA South Carolina’s annual design competition and pulls together the best work from around South Carolina. This year, I only entered one thing into the competition as Sketchbook B and wasn’t shocked when it didn’t win…

As I looked at the incredible collection of work, I was surprised to find Sketchbook B included as a credit on one of the winning entries. My friend Marius included Sketchbook B as a “typeface design” credit on his Unwantables Package Design that used Valdes Poster Sans, the typeface that we developed together. The piece was even selected as a special judges award. So congrats to Marius and thanks for including Sketchbook B on the entry. 

I encourage you visit the InShow site and look at the winning entries. There was some amazing work “in” this year. Check out Marius’s amazing (and massive) collection of work at Zoo Valdes. And remember that you can download Valdes Poster Sans for free here at Sketchbook B.


Valdes Poster Sans finally available for download.

Valdes Poster Sans is a collaboration of Sketchbook B and Zoo Valdes. If you’ve looked at my projects section, you’ll see Marius is an illustrator (and professor and painter) that I work with frequently.

When working on a project a while back, I mentioned that we should take some of his hand lettering for posters and attempt to convert it into a typeface. The result is Valdes Poster Sans. (We actually have two more faces that we will hopefully finish this summer.)

The face is unique and fun. All caps with a few alternate characters in the lower case. Great for display type. I’ve tried to include as many foreign and special characters as possible.

Get Valdes Poster Sans for free in the downloads section.