U2 in Paris and on HBO

HBO had been teasing for months that they were going to air a U2 concert from Paris. That concert was postponed because of the terrorist attacks in Paris, but was rescheduled for December 7. HBO’s showing the concert now and it’s incredible. If you are a U2 fan (and you happen to have HBO) you should check it out. In many ways, the performance reminds me of U2’s Super Bowl halftime show after 9/11. Hopeful and inspiring.

You can see the playlist at U2gigs.com. And if you’ve ever been to a U2 concert, it’s fun to find the concert you attended and check out the playlist.* For example, I was in the seventh row for their concert in Williams Brice Stadium in Columbia, South Carolina

* How amazing is the internet that there is an online record of all of this…