Wanted in Columbia: Palmetto Compress, Brookland, street names and Muschamp

Palmetto Compress. The State had an article about the Palmetto Compress site’s conversion into apartments. It’s an interesting look into renovating a historic building that has been underutilized for decades. The most surprising part to me: They are cutting an atrium into the center of the building.

Brookland. Looks like development will begin soon on the “Brookland” development in West Columbia. Right now, it’s just a big gravel lot on a major road, overlooking the Congaree River. West Columbia’s development is interesting to me. There’s a lot to like about that side of the river. State Street is awesome. The riverfront draws visitors. And then there is the chicken plant. They really need to move the chicken plant.

Street Names: Bull Street has street names. Soon, hopefully, we’ll know the names of some businesses located on those streets.

Muschamp: Welcome to Columbia, coach. We don't have an Apple Store, but we've got pretty much everything else you need.