Wanted in Columbia: BullStreet, Free Times and Forest Acres

I was traveling last week, but there was a fair amount of retail news.

The State reports that 85 storefronts will be built at the Commons at BullStreet*, opening in the second half of 2016. Still no details on tenants.

The Free Time has a Volume 3 of their “What Columbia Needs” list. A couple of good ones, including a downtown multiplex and downtown small boat landing with parking.

And finally, there is opposition to the development at the old Cardinal Newman school in Forest Acres. I guess, I shouldn’t be surprised, but whatever goes there is going to generate traffic.  I’m not really sure what opponents to the project are expecting… that the property will just sit there unoccupied. Unlikely in such a hot retail corridor. (And yes, I understand that traffic is bad. That’s why companies will want to locate there, because there are potential customers driving by…)

I mentioned in my post on my publishing schedule that I'm thinking about renaming Wanted in Columbia and finding it a new home. Still researching options, but until then, I'll continue to post on Mondays here.

* I hate it when corporations slam words together for unknown reasons. I think they are trying to be edgy by going with "BullStreet" as one word, but it just looks like a typo.