New Fontstruct: Grande

I’ve made public a new Fontstruct called Grande. I needed a font for a logo I was working on and Fontstruct was the perfect tool to assemble this geometric creation. Fontstruct is great for this type of quick prototyping and development. Grande is a heavy display face of admittedly questionable legibility, but with a distinctive style.

Download Grande and other Sketchbook B type free from Fontstruct.

The normal Fontstruct disclaimers apply – type sizes are odd and you need an account to download it. Right now, I haven’t done any of the foreign characters, but I absolutely intend to extend the character set and will post back here when I do.

Grande joins other Sketchbook B creations Big Thursday and Dingbots on Fontstruct. You can download all of them - with a Fontstruct account - for free on the Sketchbook B public page.