A few changes to the site…

I’ve made some changes to the site. Among other things, I’ve taken the navigation from the top to the left side. I needed space to add two new font pages: Fontstruct and Download Fonts.

Fontstruct is basically the old Fonts page and contains samples of all my favorite Fontstruct creations. Download Fonts will contain OpenType fonts that you can download directly from this site and install.

Right now, Download Fonts contains only Valdes Poster Sans. But that will be changing this week. I’m going to start taking some of my Fontstruct releases, polishing them and releasing them as OpenType formatted typefaces.

Fontstruct is a great site for building modular typefaces. But it is somewhat limited as a method of distribution. Having to create an account and login is a barrier most people aren’t willing to cross unless they really, really want to download a creation. And while the fonts downloaded directly from Fontstruct have gotten significantly better with the latest update, they still are a little bit buggy. Hosting them on Sketchbook B will make them more useable for the vast majority of users.

I’m still going to leave everything over at Fontstruct, too. First of all, I’m not going to transfer all of my creations. Only the ones that I feel would have broader appeal. And second, Fontstruct is an amazing site and resource. There is a wonderful global community present there that is both supportive and challenging. I will obviously continue to build lots of new Fontstructions. (To avoid confusion and to differentiate between the FontStruct versions and the OpenType versions, the OpenType versions will have an SbB prefix.)

This week, look for an OpenType version of Power Grid. Followed by new versions of Woodrow and possibly Cerealbox. Plus, I hope to have some all-new OpenType goodies for you before the summer is over.

I’m still rewriting and reworking some sections of the site to go with the new structure. So if you see something that looks incomplete or out of place, that’s because it probably is… but everything will be up-to-date soon.