Read This! Tattoos and Type

Body Type is a fascinating look at the use of type in tattoos. I heard the author, Ina Saltz, speak at Adobe’s ADIM Conference in San Jose a few years ago.

Her project started when she saw a graphic designer on the bus one day with a word tattooed in Helvetica on his arm. She continued to see and document examples of typographic tattoos.

The result is a great compilation of typographic tattoos. Some are impressive and clever – particularly the ambigrams. Some samples of the images are available on the book’s web site. Ina does an excellent job documenting the meaning behind the tattoos. (I love the writer’s semi-colon tattoo…) It’s a great add to your bookshelf if you love type, tattoos or both.

I’ve added Body Type to my Books section. You can purchase it at Amazon.