The internet is the end of...

We see it every day. “The internet is the end of (fill in the blank).” Think about all the things the internet has been accused of killing during it’s short, murderous lifespan:

  • the music industry
  • newspapers
  • magazines
  • journalism
  • print
  • television
  • cable
  • retail stores
  • cinema
  • copyright
  • civilization
  • travel agents
  • encyclopedias
  • books
  • and more…*

Just do a Google search for “The internet is the end of…” I’m surprised no one has blamed the internet for the downfall of the American auto industry.

The way I see it, the internet is only the end of one thing: stability.

The internet – and the business world around it – is constantly changing. Gone are the days where you can find a workable business model and nurse it for a few years (or decades). Instead, the internet favors those that will constantly adapt to the change. Product life spans are shorter than ever. Innovation occurs at an amazingly rapid pace.

All of the industries that the internet is “killing” are industries that have not had to seriously innovate in decades. They’ve been trying to find ways to make the internet fit into their established business model.When the internet doesn’t complement their established processes, they panic. And it’s the end of the world.

But there are companies thriving all over the world. Companies with plans and business models that use the internet’s strengths to their advantage. And companies that aren’t afraid to change directions if that’s what’s needed to be successful.

Companies that adapt to the constant lack of stability will thrive. Companies that don’t will disappear.

* Feel free to add any other things the internet has killed in the comment section…