Setting up rules with MobileMe

Finally, MobileMe has added support for limited rules to sort email automatically at the server level. (I’m assuming that it was added in June when they redesigned the online application. I’m just now getting around to looking at it.)

I use Apple’s MobileMe service for one of my email accounts. I’ve used the account ever since it was a free .Mac account and have stayed with the service through the conversion to a paid service and through the name change…

Until recently, you could only apply rules to your MobileMe email in the mail application on your computer. But this wasn’t really a viable option if you check your email over multiple devices — iPhones, iPad and web interface — which I do.

Now you can set up some simple rules based on addressing or subject line from within the MobileMe web interface. By comparison, the Mail app on the Mac offers many more options for rules and Gmail offers a few additional options. (Google calls them “filters,” not rules).

To set up rules for your MobileMe account, log into the web mail interface, go to the gear icon in the upper right hand corner and select “Rules…” Set up your rules and they will be applied to the email when it arrives and will sync up across all of your devices.